Cannabis grower is a dream job

If you have any sort of passion for marijuana like I do, your dream job would be that of a cannabis grower.

Thing is, I’m not so great at growing anything and that would honestly include marijuana.

The fact that you have to be licensed to be a cannabis grower also factors into all of that. Thankfully, we now live in a reality that allows for licensed cannabis growers to flourish. And that’s a great thing because that means that those cannabis products end up at a cannabis dispensary. However, I don’t live in a state that allows for either medical marijuana or recreational marijuana. So going shopping for marijuana for sale is less convenient. I can’t just slip out to the local cannabis spot for some blue dream whenever I want, nor can I avail myself of the cannabis delivery maintenance either. However, I’m regularly up for a trip to the cannabis dispensary. It’s just a three hour drive away to a state where they are allowed to sell recreational marijuana. This is less convenient than the corner marijuana business. And yet, I’m still able to get cannabis products without resorting to hunting them down on the black market. There is a group of us where I live that stay in touch when it comes to trips to the cannabis dispensary. This way, we have a travel buddy and sporadically, we even stay the night to make it easier on the return trip. Either way, I don’t think I turn down too many cannabis dispensary trips. I just cherish cannabis and shopping for marijuana for sale is just the ultimate for me.

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