Cannabis helps to motivate workouts

I am legitimately conscientious about my health plus fitness.

I provided up eating meat, processed foods, fast foods plus sugary popcorn over twenty years ago.

I have never smoked plus rarely drink alcohol. I make sure to drink plenty of water plus keep to a strict sleep schedule, then every day, first thing when I get up, I devote at least an hour to a workout. Beginning with a thorough stretch of my muscles plus joints gets me feeling loose plus warm. I then transition into high impact aerobics. Periodically I go for a six to eight mile run. Periodically I might ride my bike, jump rope, kayak, swim or go through multiple series of squats, lunges plus burpees. I try to include plenty of strength training, such as weight lifting, crunches plus working with battle ropes plus kettlebells. There are nights when I am sluggish, weary or just not in the mood to exercise. It can be strenuous to get motivated. If I didn’t sleep well the night before or have stress from work, I have trouble getting into the zone. I’ve found that cannabis provides the perfect inspiration. I choose products that supply quick onset of effects. I gravitate toward hybrids or sativas that are slightly higher in THC than CBD. The CBD is helpful for preventing soreness plus stiffness in muscles plus joints. THC is attractive for clearing my head plus energizing me. I usually vape a hit because it’s a convenient, portable plus discreet consumption method. I like the flavors plus can be precise in dosing. I don’t want anything but a mild buzz.


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