Cannabis plants are fun for concerts

I like the fact that I never drink alcohol, and that’s because I end up being the designated driver for just about everything with my pals, but i know that I’m one of the few people I know that provided up booze this young! But to be honest, I just never like what alcohol did to my body… So when I was actively partying in college, I would sort of just hold a drink plus wait for the recreational marijuana to get passen out.

I wasn’t buying any cannabis products back then.

It was of course illegal plus I sure wasn’t facing the ire of my parents over some weed. But I did prefer the fact that I could cherish getting a bit into the fun that all the people else were having without drinking booze. So now that we’ve all started laboring or have gotten jobs in our field of study, my fantastic friends and I are still pretty tight… Only a few of us have left the town for jobs in other locale. That means that I’m still the only one who gets free food or whatever in order to be the designated driver, however recently, I was given free tickets to a concert that was a couple of hours away because I was willing to drive, then my fantastic friends and I had hotel rooms at our destination that were easily within walking distance to the show. So don’t you know that I stopped by the local cannabis dispensary on the way out of town. I picked up some sativa edibles for the concert… Now for me, smoking cannabis is just the ticket when it comes to seeing live tunes. And since I was getting a totally free ticket plus bed for driving, I was so glad that my choice to not use alcohol paid off in such a big way.

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