Confidence and calm come with cannabis

It was weird sitting down with my boss the other day.

  • I was hauled into the office to have sort of an interesting meeting.

Prior to getting myself over to the local cannabis spot, that sort of meeting would have undone me. I have a history of being easily intimidated at work, at least from my perspective. And I think my boss got a dose of the new me and isn’t quite sure how to handle it. It was interesting. The fact is that my wife said something had to give when it came to being jerked around at work. And she was totally right which is why I’m so thankful to have a partner like her. I’m the one who was asked to work late or on the weekends and it caused me so much stress. My wife had started going to the cannabis dispensary not too long ago for indica strains that help her sleep. Well, this cannabis experiment was so fruitful that her whole perspective changed. And in a good way. So I was down with going to talk to the folks at the local cannabis spot about whether there were cannabis products that could help me. I told them about being overloaded with work and not being able to say no. They got me some sativa strains that are known to have a more positive and focusing affect. Well for me, the sativa strains also supply me with a calm and confidence. I do my work now and I leave when everyone else does. When the boss wanted to know why I said no to his requests to do more, I told him I give my all and any more would need to be negotiated. He really didn’t know what to say.

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