Delivery times were two hours or longer on the weekend

My wife and I went online to the marijuana dispensary so we could look at the menu.

  • The marijuana dispensary lists all of the clearance items and one tab on the top of the page so it is very easy to find.

My wife and I looked at all of the items that were on the clearance page. There really wasn’t anything that stuck out in my mind so we started looking at some of the other featured categories. We found some disposable vape pens that were on sale. They were 20% off. We bought three disposable one gram marijuana vape pens. One was blue dream and another was pineapple express. Most of those marijuana vape pens were marked as sativas. We also bought an indica marijuana make pen that was granddaddy purp. My wife and I tried to add all of the items to the online card but we were having a lot of trouble. Every time we tried to hit the order button, we got a message that said there was an error. I finally gave up and called the dispensary so we could order with a live person. The lady on the phone told us that it was going to take at least 2 hours for delivery. They only had two delivery guys working at the time and they were both already out in the neighborhood. The budtender suggested it would be much faster to pick up our order instead of trying to get them to bring it for delivery. When we heard the delivery times, we decided to drive into the city.