Don’t get silly in the cannabis dispensary

There is only one medical cannabis shop in this town, plus somehow I managed to gain a lifetime ban from it! It’s my fault, plus I accept responsibility for my foolish actions, but now I need to figure out a solution.

As I said, there is no other legal place in town to get my medicine, plus do consider weed to be my medicine.

A few weeks ago I had a little too much to drink at the tavern. I met up with some old friends plus things just got out of hand, you know how that goes. Feeling truly drunk I walked down the block to the medical cannabis dispensary to option up a few grams of weed. It turns out that I left my ID at the bar, plus they wouldn’t let me in the cannabis dispensary without it. I got miserable, becauseI visit this cannabis dispensary all the time, plus they all know my name. The security guard at the door kindly explained the cannabis regulations, plus how he wasn’t legally allowed to let someone in without an ID, even me. Fueled by rage plus booze I took a swing at the guy! Not only did he beat the crap out of me with one punch, but then I was given a lifetime ban to the cannabis dispensary. Not only am I banned from the premises, but they locked my cannabis dispensary account so that I can’t order products through their website either! Now I have to act like I am in middle school again, plus buy my medical cannabis illegally.


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