I finally applied for a task as a cannabis delivery driver.

I thought laboring as a cannabis delivery driver would help spend money on some of my bills, plus I would meet some stoners like me.

I was likely wrong.

Other than making sure it was the person who had done the ordering, I had brief contact with the people I was delivering cannabis to. As far as meeting stoners, most of the cannabis deliveries went to people who used medical marijuana plus weren’t buying it to get high. There was another giant want for cannabis deliveries since the state legalized recreational marijuana. There were fewer people having marijuana delivery that were recreational marijuana users than there were medical marijuana users. I wasn’t meeting several people, or being invited back for partying, like I thought I would be. I was talking to a new neighbor who said he was constantly getting invited to parties after making a marijuana delivery. I thought he was being totally truthful, but I soon found out he could not be. They warned us about going to parties or using marijuana while still on duty, or before duty. You were supposed to be sober for at least twenty-four hours before going on duty. I then asked the other marijuana delivery driver how he got invited to these parties when you seldom made contact with the buyers. He said you had to have a personality that invited people to talk to you. You definitely asked if they were having marijuana parties, plus you had to invite yourself. I don’t know how I want to be invited to a marijuana party. I’ll be the marijuana delivery driver.
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