I invited the marijuana delivery driver to the party.

I seldom invite strangers into my house, but the marijuana delivery driver wasn’t a stranger to me.

I had been getting a marijuana delivery to my house at least once a week for the last year.

Ever since they legalized recreational marijuana, I had been putting in an order whenever I got paid. I enjoyed having a marijuana delivery, because I lived on the other side of town. I didn’t need to travel the extra ten miles from where I worked to the dispensary, then travel fifteen miles back to my house. Every time I put in an order, the same marijuana delivery driver came to the house. It was like seeing an old friend. The last marijuana delivery was a hefty order. I was having a few good friends at the house to help me celebrate my getting married. It was a bachelor party I was throwing for myself. When the marijuana delivery arrived, my trusty delivery driver showed up. He looked at his watch and told me he was a little early and asked if it was too early. I told him I had the day off, so it wasn’t a big deal. He chuckled and asked if it was a special occasion that caused the order to more than double. After explaining I was getting married and this was my bachelor party, he congratulated me and started walking away. I stopped him and asked when he got off duty. He told me I was his last marijuana delivery. I told him when the party started and let him know he was welcome if he wanted to show up.