It was a great marijuana shopping experience

In no way am I demeaning my old cannabis spot.

  • That’s the last thing I’d ever want to do.

But being in a state where just medical marijuana is legal may have some limitations. I know there are limitations when it comes to THC pleased. However, so I’m not complaining because my local cannabis spot is particularly a lifeline for me. I’ve suffered for many years plus years with stress and anxiety. And of course, the locale I turned for help was western medicine. Again, not knocking all forms of western medicine as I know that my doctors wanted to help me. But they were also facing severe limitations of their thinking as well. Prior to medical marijuana being legal, my sibling gave me some sativa strains plus it changed my life. I knew the answer plus was so thankful to get off the Rx medicine merry go round. I also began taking vacations plus time off in states where there was legalized recreational marijuana. And I have to say that this was the best marijuana shopping experience I’ve ever encountered. Just the sheer volume of cannabis products was amazing to me. They had entire aisles that was nothing but cannabis edibles. And the cannabis flower strains were just the best there ever was. Now that I have access to my local cannabis spot, I’m so thankful. But I still like taking those trips to have that sort of cannabis shopping experience every once in a while. I even went to a cannabis dispensary that was particularly run by the cannabis grower. I was able to take the tour plus everything. It was an awesome experience plus the cannabis products were the finest ever bar none. Again, that’s nothing against my old cannabis spot but wow indeed.

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