My bowl unfortunately fell plus broke

When I was browsing through the products at the marijuana dispensary on Monday, I decided to buy a new glass bowl.

The bowl was yellow plus blue with tiny little specks of paint all over, but it looked super interesting, like a Jackson Pollock painting.

I decided to take the bowl to my friend’s residence on Friday night. He was having a party plus I wanted to show off my new bowl. I never expected that I would drop it on the floor plus break it so quickly. Unluckily, that is what occurred on that fateful night. My good pals plus I were resting outside on the porch. I had the glass bowl in my hand. I was resting behind the door plus someone came through way too suddenly. The door pushed my arm plus I lost the bowl. It fell down on the ground hard. It shattered into a bunch of pieces plus there were tiny pieces of marijuana all over the ground to make things worse. The person who opened the door on my arm apologized. It wasn’t anyone’s fault to be honest. It was just an unexpected and disappointing accident. I went back to the dispensary to see if they had another one of the painted yellow plus yellow bowls. Sadly, all they had left was a bull that was somewhat ugly looking plus it did not look as nice as the one that I had picked out earlier that week. I am going to wait to buy another new bowl until the dispensary has what I like. The glass bowls aren’t exactly luxurious, however I don’t want to waste my currency on something that I am not totally in love with. I still have a gravity bong at my residence at least.


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