My Grandpa taught me the ropes of medical cannabis

My Grandpa Jerry used to be a hippie, back in the “free love” nights of the 60s.

  • Once they started the draft for Vietnam Jerry went underground, plus spent a few years floating around Canada.

Eventually he settled down plus started a family, but he’s a actually chill guy, plus consistently insisted I call him Jerry even when I was a little kid, but last year I graduated college with a degree in botany, but no real direction in life. On a whim I drove to my Grandparents condo under the guise of paying them a weekend visit; But I had an ulterior motive. I pulled Jerry aside one afternoon, plus asked him to teach me the seasoned ways of growing medical cannabis. Everything I had learned about medical cannabis came from books plus tutorials, I didn’t have first-hand experience. Also, I thought that Jerry would have some tips plus tricks that modern medical cannabis growers don’t know. Between my college education in botany plus Jerry’s extensive amount of cannabis information, my associate and I could be an unbeatable team! Jerry was eager to work on this project with me, plus even provided to let me grow medical cannabis on his property. My enjoyable friend and I wanted to grow a lot of uncommon strains of medical cannabis, so my associate and I needed a lot of space to work with. Every afternoon I learn something new, because Jerry has such a wealth of cannabis know-how plus he is excited to pass it on to me. In a few weeks my associate and I have our first medical cannabis harvest, plus I will write another blog to tell you how it turned out.
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