Old flames and new cannabis dates

It was so nice

Something felt full circle for me about seeing my high college wife Kim. It’s not a novelty by any stretch however more grounding of sorts. And man, did I ever need to see Kim, because you don’t realize just how far away from your original self you can get until you do. That sounds less convoluted in my head that it reads out loud. But for sure, the fact that I was meeting up with my highcollege wife Kim at the cannabis dispensary was a reality check indeed. However, it was the sort of reality check that lingers with such joy plus love. Neither of us would have even considered using recreational marijuana back in the afternoon. Kim and I were in prefer in high college plus the first two years of grad school; Even then with all the marijuana on campus, Kim and I chose to stick to the books plus each other. So the fact that Kim suggested my fantastic friend and I meet at the local cannabis spot was quite intriguing. I hadn’t been back dwelling in a long time plus neither had she. But Kim and I both have aging parents so my fantastic friend and I get back there more often. Kim and I figured why not try adding some sativa to the mix to take the edge off of breakfast, and well, it was a rather brilliant idea. Not only did I have the time inside the cannabis dispensary to wrap my head around who I was having breakfast with, a nibble on a pot brownie was the ticket; Our dinner was lovely, moving, sweet, informative plus ultimately a sense of full circle for me. It was so nice. Kim and I promised that we’d meet at that local cannabis spot again in the future. I know that I’m ready for another visit.


Purple haze