Reasons to love vapes

I’ve also been partial to smoking my cannabis, i don’t care for the taste of cannabis-infused edibles or beverages, but tinctures are convenient however not fun or exciting in any way. I love to light up, inhale and love the process, flavor and quick onset of effects, smoking provides an experience. It’s good for good on my own, as a curative remedy and for socializing with friends, but however, there are some disadvantages to this old-university method. Smoking dried flower requires having specialized gear available. It takes some time to roll a great joint and can make a mess, but while pre-rolls solve these concerns, the consumption still causes smoke, ash and odors. It draws attention that can sometimes be a problem… Because of this, I’ve gotten into cannabis vapes. The recent popularity of vapes has led to a tremendous influx of options. There are endless strains to try and all sorts of disposable and refillable carts. I have my choice of full-spectrum CBD, high-potency THC or CBD isolates. I can try indicas, sativas or hybrids and sample all sorts of terpenes. The process is about as simply as pushing a button and inhaling. There are no telltale odors or smoke, vaping doesn’t create ash or mess. By heating the cannabis oil or concentrates only to the point of vaporization, the overpriced cannabinoids and terpenes are preserved. This results in exceptional flavors, then plus, vapes are super portable. The higher quality options allow customization of temperature and dosage. They also supply especially long battery life. While I will also like traditional smoking best, I’ve gotten where I purchase vapes most of the time.