So thankful for cannabis grower

It’s about time that this guy is appreciated for his cannabis genius.

I’m talking about a lifelong friend who has been a cannabis grower his entire life.

But for so many years, he had to do his craft under the threat of serious legal ramifications. Yet, while careful, he wasn’t deterred and kept at it. My friend was so serious about cannabis that he devoted just about all his time outside of his day job to cultivating marijuana. Of course, he had to do that in the basement of his home and completely under the radar. He’s a bachelor who lives on 30 acres outside of town so that certainly helped. He was a super man marijuana genius to those few of us who knew that he was a cannabis grower. The new cannabis strains that he came up with were pretty amazing. And yet, there were only a handful of very, very close friends who knew of his cannabis products. However, he never sold any of it to us and we simply donated to his efforts. Outside of that, he was an anonymous donor for those who needed medical marijuana but couldn’t get it due to our arcane laws. He was able to provide so much help to those suffering through an entity that would distribute what he provided. Finally, the cannabis laws changed and now, I can find the sativa and indica products my buddy developed in the local cannabis dispensary. And he is revered around the state a one of the best cannabis growers out there. I’m thankful for that. And just so glad that nothing broke this dude’s passion for cannabis and what it could do for all of us.
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