The dispensary was searching for cannabis delivery drivers.

I lived right across the street from a medical cannabis dispensary. I noticed that there were fewer people going into the dispensary. There used to be a line of people at least ten deep, waiting to get into the dispensary, on any day of the week. I had a feeling that because there was nothing to protect the people who were waiting from the weather, several of the people were no longer going to the marijuana dispensary. The people who ran the dispensary must have thought the same thing. Last year there was a sign by the cannabis dispensary saying they were now hiring cannabis delivery drivers, plus there was an iPhone number to call. I had been out of labor for almost a month, plus thought being a cannabis delivery driver could be the break I had been waiting for. I had an automobile plus a valid license. I didn’t use marijuana plus never wanted to, delivering marijuana to medical marijuana patients would supply me some cash coming in to spend money on my bills, plus I would help people. I didn’t realize I would need to go through classes just to be a cannabis delivery driver. I also had to have a background check to make sure they had never arrested me for theft or drug abuse. I felt like I was trying to get a government task. After actually thinking about it, I was going to be a cannabis delivery driver for a medical cannabis dispensary, so I was laboring for the state. It really was a genuine government task.
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