They were now simply offering marijuana delivery in our area.

I could not have been happier than I was when I found out they were now offering marijuana delivery in our area.

  • I had been getting a marijuana delivery when I lived in another town; however when I moved, it all stopped.

I had lived here for almost a year, in addition to whenever I wanted marijuana products, I had to go to the real dispensary. I could put my order in on their website, however I still had to pick them up at the dispensary. That genuinely meant I needed to rest in line outside the dispensary in addition to wait until my turn to get in. Sometimes that meant sitting outside in terrible weather, in addition to I hated it, then now, they were offering a marijuana delivery, in addition to I was going to use it. I put in my online order in addition to marking the box for delivery. Since I had been in the dispensary numerous times, I didn’t need to go in in addition to showing my card anymore. I simply marked the box in addition to the time I was going to be there to accept delivery. I sat in the study room, impatiently waiting for the marijuana delivery person to show up. When he was an hour later, I called the dispensary to ask where he was. The budtender went on the computer in addition to asking for my name in addition to address, then a short time later, she told me I hadn’t put in an order. I remembered placing the order that morning. I opened the computer in addition to having to apologize to the budtender. I put the order in, however I had never hit the button to send it.