Three phone calls and still no cannabis delivery.

When I put in my online order early that morning, I marked the box stating it was for delivery.

I paid online using my credit card, and then I was asked what time would be best for the cannabis delivery to be made.

Once I completed the order, I thought I would have my medical marijuana delivery made later that afternoon. Normally, the marijuana delivery driver arrived around 5 PM. It was nearly 5:30 when I called the cannabis dispensary to see when the cannabis delivery driver would arrive. I called once more at 6 PM, but they weren’t sure where he was, and they couldn’t get in touch with him. I knew they did not make the marijuana deliveries after 7PM from my marijuana dispensary, so I was worrying. At 7:45 PM, a car pulled up into my driveway, but no one got out. I was getting ready to call the police when someone got out of the car. A young woman walked up to my door and told me she was the marijuana delivery driver. This was her first day, and it had been fraught with mishaps. She delivered the wrong order to her first customer, and then she got lost. She was glad I was her last marijuana delivery before she could go home. I thanked her for the marijuana products and watched her get in her car. She wasn’t even out of the driveway when I realized she had delivered the wrong marijuana products to my house. I had to call the marijuana dispensary and let them know what had happened.
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