Unregular laws for medical cannabis

The laws for cannabis in this state are actually weird.

The voters of the state overwhelmingly support legalized medical cannabis, plus several of them also support legalizing recreational weed.

However the authorities of this state – the church, the politicians, plus the cops – don’t agree with the will of the voters. The new weed laws are confusing, because they are supposed to fail! One of the by-laws says that selling recreational weed is still illegal, but growing your own medical cannabis at condo is legal. Every homeowner can grow up to 12 medical cannabis plants on their land with no legal repercussions. This provided me an idea, so I started to offer gardening classes from my medical cannabis dispensary. There were a lot of people who actually wanted access to medical cannabis, plus by teaching them how to grow their own my buddy and I could circumvent the stupid laws. Are you ready for the kicker to this story? One of the people who signed up for the medical cannabis growing class is a local preacher. Most religious folks oppose medical cannabis, but this guy is a pressing proponent. He explained to me that medical cannabis is a plant put here by God to help people, plus he wanted to learn everything he could about it. The preacher might catch some flack from his congregation about this, but I respect his stance on medical cannabis. There are so several amazing benefits to be had from cannabis plus CBD products, plus I don’t recall there being any passage of the Bible that says its wrong.

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