We smoked a pretty good amount of quality weed in the shower

Before marijuana was legalized for medical plus recreational use, it wasn’t completely easy to smoke marijuana wherever you happened to be.

Hotels were the worst for certain.

I went to a hotel one time plus I stinked like marijuana. The guy at the front desk was telling me that any small hint of marijuana in the room would carry a $300 cleaning charge. There was no way that I was going to rest outside in the middle of the night to smoke. It was only 12° outside that night plus there was snow on the ground. I decided to test the theory at the hotel. I went into the lavatory plus I started the shower until the whole lavatory was filling up with steam. I turned on the fan in the lavatory plus I lit up a joint. I blew the smoke into the exhaust fan in the lavatory. I also decided to strategically place a wet towel under the door so the stink would stay in one area. When I was done smoking in the lavatory, I sprayed a special deodorizer that is said to eliminate all smells including tobacco plus marijuana stink. No one ever caught me smoking in the lavatory that night plus I never got a charge either. The next time my good pals plus I went anywhere, my pals and I smoked in the lavatory once more. Unluckily, this time the stink ended up in the room next to all of us. There was a knock on the door when my good pals plus I were still in the shower choosing to smoke more marijuana. My pals and I got into trouble plus the hotel supervisor threatened to kick us out of the room that night.

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