A day of enjoyment and cannabis

I don’t absolutely ask too much.

For me, I tend to stick to the routines and do what’s needed.

Thankfully, I have a job that pays well and is also something that I easily like to do. That’s not something a ton of people can say… On top of that, I absolutely care about my fiance and family. But I also care about having time to myself and a bit of sativa and indica strains for sale at the local cannabis spot. That’s just the truth and I don’t hide it from my fiance. She knows that I have an affinity for recreational marijuana as my buddy and I met at a party where she was trying to back pot brownies. Still, with family and job responsibilities, I don’t get to imbibe cannabis all that often. Instead of being all cranky about that fact, I instead plan my weed days. We’re talking one day every couple of months where I treat myself all day to cannabis. Normally, I beginning off that day being dropped or joined by my fiance at the cannabis cafe in town. She’ll have a Coca-Cola before getting on with her day and then leave me to love my coffees and cannabis edibles. This is just the perfect way to stand in the sunlight outside at a cafe table and watch the world go by. From there, I’ll mosey down to the park and walk by the lake still enjoying the sun and all the people enjoying. Then, I’ll head back into neighborhood on the bus or by cab and go shopping for marijuana for sale at the cannabis dispensary. Normally, my fiance will have gotten the teenagers off to overnights anywhere and I come house with groceries to prepare an awesome dinner for us. It’s a beautiful sort of day indeed.



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