A second task delivering cannabis

In order to make currency, periodically you have to buckle down plus make sacrifices.

I wish that currency wasn’t so difficult to come by, because I care about taking it easy, getting high, plus spending time with my family.

None of those things can spend money the rent, so I have to sacrifice my free time plus opportunity up extra hours plus sideline tasks. I was doing a little pleased writing online, however then the currency dried up, so I started looking for something where I could receive tips. I found my answer at the local cannabis dispensary, which was looking for local delivery drivers. This is near the downtown area, with a lot of high rises plus property buildings, so I thought riding my bike would be a faster way to deliver cannabis. The owner of the shop didn’t suppose me, so I made him a wager – have me work against a cannabis delivery driver plus see who did it faster! For one shift I gave to work for free, delivering cannabis on my bike, to prove I was faster than a car. By the end of the night I had made twice as many cannabis deliveries as the guy in the car, plus was given the task. Although I worked “off the clock” that night plus didn’t get an hourly wage, I found that the cannabis clients were all absolutely generous with their tips. Since I made twice as many cannabis deliveries, I made twice the tips. I suppose I am going to do absolutely well at this current task.
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