Buying cannabis for my dad

The possession of recreational cannabis is no longer illegal in this state. This is a huge weight off my shoulders, because I always have weed on me – always. If I am going to work, or to church, I still have weed in my pocket, or in the trunk of my car. Do you remember those old TV commercials for American Express with the tagline “don’t leave home without it.” This is how I feel about cannabis, I never go anywhere without it. One time I had a court appearance, and I had a dime bag worth of skunk weed on me at the time! On the other hand my Dad is a kindergarten teacher, and he can’t really have cannabis on him anywhere. Dad is a regular smoker, and he loves using cannabis at home, but he can’t go out and about with weed on him. This puts me in the unusual position of driving to the cannabis dispensary and buying weed for my father. I am not complaining about it, in fact I think it’s pretty cool. After dad retires from teaching he will not care about his reputation so much, and can start buying his own cannabis. For the time being he gives me a list of the items he wants, and gives me his credit card to pay for the cannabis purchase. The biggest surprise was not that dad uses cannabis, but the amount of weed he smokes. I thought I was a big-time pot smoker, but my dad smokes twice as much cannabis as me, if not more!

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