Cannabis tablets to reduce anxiety

I got a promotion at work that I almost didn’t take.

The promotion required me to speak in public and manage a small team.

I am not good with public speaking. I get red in the face, sweaty and I stutter. I also dread the speech so badly that I get severely anxious. Thankfully my state is a medical weed state. I got right on the horn with getting a prescription. I needed something to calm me down and reduce my anxiety. I knew a little bit of THC and CBD would go a long way for me. I was excited to try it. What was extremely nice is that the budtender was very sypmatiheci to my concerns. I didn’t want to smoke a joint or a bowl in the office. I wanted something discreet and that didn’t scream cannabis. The budtender actually got me hooked on an edible. It is a THC tablet that I take during my lunch break. By the time I need to speak to my team, I am feeling loose and calm. It looks like I am popping tums honestly. It has hardly any flavor as well. I have let work know that I am a medical weed patient, but I don’t want my team to know. This form of edible is perfect for a no fuss situation like mine. I have been successful with managing my team and giving speeches now that I rely on cannabis. I would be in real trouble if there wasn’t something like that for me to take.

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