Convention leads to cannabis dispensary trip

Where I work, I don’t get out of my cubicle really often.

What I do for the dealer is super essential however not exactly flashy or exciting.

I’m one of three to five people who really arrange all the data so that people can make sense of what they are seeing. It’s kind of a thankless task however it pays the bills. And for the first time, my task led me to shop for marijuana for sale. That’s right, Miss Boring got to go on a full on booncatgle of a corporation trip. It was really a convention of nerds like me who do the same sort of essential data mining that my colleagues and I do. The fact that this convention was being held in a state where recreational marijuana was legal was not lost on me. And it wasn’t lost on a dear neighbor who also works with me, then my pal and I have been working together for more than a decade and my buddy and I do entirely unbelievable work. I guess my buddy and I do better work together than my buddy and I do apart. It’s actually a harmonious working relationship. And our spouses know that this is where our relationship ends, and yet, my buddy and I both entirely care about recreational marijuana as do our better halves. So when my buddy and I found out that this rare trip to a convention was going to come with access to a local cannabis spot, my buddy and I were elated. My pal and I didn’t even make it past checking in before my buddy and I were hailing a cab to take us to the local cannabis spot. I loaded up on cannabis edibles of both the sativa and indica strain. And my partner got himself a disposable cannabis oil pen for the trip, then let’s just say that all those boring presentations sure were better thanks to the recreational marijuana access.
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