Getting stoned at work

After work I always like to relax by getting stoned.

My job is very stressful, I am on the phone making sales calls all day.

When I am finished with a shift I just want to turn off my brain and relax until I fall asleep. Usually this entails a few cocktails and a couple of joints of premium cannabis. This may sound stupid to you, but last weekend I had a genius idea to make my working life a lot more fun and rewarding. I started getting stoned at work. Of course I can’t bring cannabis into the office to smoke out, but I can get ripped in the parking lot before I clock in! More cannabis on my lunch break, and before I knew it I was spending the entire 9 hour shift stoned. This made going to the office a lot more fun! On the other hand, it impacted my sales calls in a negative way. As I mentioned this is a high-stress job, and cannabis always makes me feel relaxed and comfortable. It is harder to convince people to buy thighs they don’t need with a head full of cannabis smoke. What this has made me realize is that a) I don’t have the heartless nature of a real salesman and b) cannabis makes me a nicer person. Nice people don’t make sales, which means that if I keep smoking cannabis at work eventually I will get fired for poor performance. I need to only smoke marijuana at night after work, or start looking for a new job.


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