I chose to wear my last clean shirt to work when it was Tuesday

I have been working a great deal of overtime at the cannabis store! This past month, one employee quit and two days later three more people made the choice to walk out in the middle of their shift.

Honestly, I need the job at the marijuana dispensary, so I stayed put and now I am getting additional hours because the marijuana dispensary is short-staffed, and this week I was supposed to work everyday from Tuesday through Friday. I was going to take the whole weekend off but my boss asked me to come into the dispensary for a few hours on Sunday. We have a pretty immense sale on Sundays, however from 8:00 a.m. until noon, everything in the store is 25% off. We even have a couple of buy one and get one half off sales that are rather attractive to our customers. I agreed to work for a short while. I wore my last clean shirt to work on Friday, so I did not have anything except dirty laundry to wear to work on Sunday. I made the choice to go to the laundry room downstairs in my building so I could clean some uniform shirts and a couple of towels and pants on top of that. I was in the laundry room for an hour and I ran into the girl that is in the place two doors down from me! She was doing laundry as well and my buddy and I sat and talked for an hour or more. I also got her number. I never do laundry on a Friday evening to be honest, but this evening I was supposed to be in the laundry room at the same time as Jackie.


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