I could have gotten in a fair amount of trouble

Tuesday evening I was closing up at the cannabis dispensary and I noticed a homeless lady who was resting in the parking lot.

The homeless lady was kneeling down next to the dumpster.

It was an unquestionably frigid evening and I could tell that the homeless lady was trying to block the wind as much as she could manage. The woman was covered up with newspapers. Normally, it is my duty to make sure that everyone is out of the parking lot. I was going to make the homeless lady move to some other location, even though I truthfully felt bad because it was so nippy outside and the woman clearly did not have a warm place to go. I could have gotten into a tremendous amount of trouble, even though I made the move to let the lady sleep next to the dumpster on our lot. I closed the gate and locked everything up. That put the homeless lady on our lot for the rest of the evening and I came to realize that could have been a problem. I felt unquestionably distraught and tense throughout the evening, because I did not know if the homeless lady was going to cause any issues. The next day, I got to work a few minutes early so I could survey the section before unlocking the gate. I did not see the homeless lady. I inspected the dumpster and all around the store and the parking lot. There is a 10-ft fence around the perimeter, so I have no idea how that woman got out on her own. It makes me wonder if the woman sleeps in the parking lot all of the time.



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