I didn’t bring enough money to the marijuana dispensary.

I deliberately left my purse at home when I went to the marijuana dispensary with my sister. I didn’t want to spend any money on marijuana products I didn’t need. I brought $25 with me and refused to buy anything more expensive. My husband asked me to bring a battery home for his vape pen, but it was more money than I planned on spending. I wasn’t sure what battery he needed, so I invited him to go along. When I got to the marijuana dispensary, the higher prices surprised me. Everything was more expensive than the medical marijuana products I was used to buying. I knew everything was getting more expensive, but this was ridiculous. I asked why the prices went up so high. The young woman told me there were higher taxes on recreational marijuana. I told her I had a medical marijuana ID card. She said that with the medical marijuana ID card, the items I could buy were limited, and I got a 30% percent discount every day. My sister thought this was unfair, but she was still shopping. I appreciated the young girl telling me the marijuana dispensary still sold items less expensive to medical marijuana user, but these prices were still overpriced. I did find the battery my husband wanted, and I bought it. With the 30% discount, it was doable, but I wished I didn’t bring enough money to buy anything else at the marijuana dispensary. The marijuana dispensary had some sweet displays where I was tempted to forget the battery and purchase and something, but I couldn’t justify the price.


Medical Marijuana Card Renewal