I might need cannabis for sleep troubles

I have been looking into being a medical marijuana patient.

I have never been a fantastic sleeper. I consistently struggled with winding down and staying asleep. I just have an active mind that won’t quit. Once my son was born I noticed that sleep was even more difficult, however first I was getting up every few hours to feed, tune when he cried, and now I am just trained to get up. I am honestly unhappy with how poorly I sleep. I wake up many times a night and require an hour to wind properly back down. I am losing out on sleep that is available to me. I found that medical weed can be honestly fantastic with sleep troubles, and medical cannabis calms the mind and the body by using a combination of THC and CBD, and you need the right blend in order to put you to sleep but not wake you up. What is fantastic is that I would not need to smoke anything before bed either. I honestly don’t want that kind of thing in my apartment with my baby. I could take a tincture, which is an oil form. I can put the oil directly under my tongue or in my nightly cup of tea. It should toil quite suddenly and intensely since it is an edible form that gets directly into my bloodstream. What is stopping me is the process to be a medical weed patient. I begrudge the time I will need to spend in the waiting room. I don’t want to pay the fee and figure out how to fill out the online paperwork. I also don’t want to find a cannabis dispensary near me. It is a lot of toil for a up-to-date mother.


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