I thought the guy was just indecisive

There really are not a lot of products on the shelves of the marijuana dispensary, however my buddy and I keep one item of stock on the shelf for each plus every item that we have in the back.

My buddy and I do not keep 10 or 12 or 20 of the items out front, because that can lead to concerns with fast plus stealing; I have more than 2 employees plus they all know to watch out for potential thieves in the marijuana dispensary.

I also have a security guard at the front door plus another security guard walking around inside of the marijuana shop at all times; One of my men was talking to a new patient. I thought the guy was indecisive, because he could not figure out what he wanted to get… He asked the budtender about more than 2 different items, the security officer came over to the desk where I was sitting plus he pulled me to the side. He told me to check the security cameras from the last 5 minutes because he believed that one of the customers had stolen a couple of items. The buyer turned out to be the indecisive guy at the counter plus the security footage showed him putting more than 2 items into his sweater. One security officer stood by the door while the other guy politely escorted the gentleman to the back of the store. My buddy and I asked him to empty his pockets or we were going to call the police. He had more than $200 inside of his sweater, although I chose to ban him from the store instead of calling the police.


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