I took a risk on the young cannabis dispensary

Quitting my stuffy office task and taking a risk was the best choice I ever made.

I say that while completely penniless, and separate from my own home.

In order to invest in this supplier I needed to disinfect my bank accounts, my 401, my retirement fund, and also sell my house! It is still too early to start turning a profit, so I’m genuinely worried about what the future holds; and with all that said, it was still the best choice I ever made, because I finally feel alive again! When this cannabis dispensary takes off and starts generating major replacements, then I will be even happier. As it stands, my levels of anxiety and stress are so much lower than my new position in the cannabis dispensary might have added years onto my life. They say stress is a serious killer, however my new task has zero stress. Not because I smoke cannabis all day, either. Of course I enjoy smoking marijuana to relax, although I don’t do that at work. I try to remain professional, and remember that many of my customers rely on medical cannabis to help their physical and mental ailments. I smoke cannabis for fun, however these people need it for their health and sanity! This is another reason I enjoy toiling at the cannabis dispensary, because I have a direct impact on people and their lives, which makes me feel superb about myself. At my outdated task I wasn’t making a difference I was just making cash, however at the cannabis dispensary I am helping people! Although I hope to also make cash one day.
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