I was trying to get into the cannabis industry

I had been so unhappy and tied up with my task, it was making me physically ill.

Even scarier, I was starting to get bouts of anxiety and depression, and no task is worth that, even if the pay is excellent! Over the weekend I was busy hanging out with Ed, my outdated neighbor from university.

As usual, my pal and I were getting high and talking about life. I told him about my issues, and how I needed to find a new task, and Ed came back at me with a genuinely interesting proposition. Ed was setting up a supplier plan to open his own local cannabis dispensary, and he decided to let me be his partner. This was not a small thing, either, because I would need to invest every penny I had, and then a little bit more, if I wanted to actually own a piece of this cannabis dispensary. Once the cannabis shop was open, Ed and I would have to do all the toil until my pal and I started turning a profit and could afford to hire a staff. It was a big risk, although I knew the cannabis industry was genuinely profitable as of late, so I felt it was an occasion worth taking; and despite the added financial stress, I came to see that toiling in a cannabis dispensary lowered my levels of stress and anxiety. Even if I didn’t get rich, I could see myself toiling in the cannabis shop and being enthusiastic there. I will write another blog soon about the next step in the development of my cannabis dispensary, it’s been another exciting ride!


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