Kittens left behind the cannabis dispensary

To be honest, I just walked away plus went home for the night.

Pot smokers are the coolest people in the world, non-smokers don’t get it, however in the weed community there is a sense of honor plus kindness. Potheads look out for each other, plus in general are nice people… Sure they are also forgetful plus slow-witted, however they are peaceful so it’s a great trade off. I work at a cannabis dispensary, plus never once have I had a mean or unruly customer. I used to work at a Big Box store, plus I got screamed at by clients every single afternoon. At the cannabis dispensary the clients are regularly so polite plus laid back, it makes every shift a walk in the park. A few nights ago I was closing up plus found a cardboard box behind the cannabis shop. Inside the box was a litter of kittens. To be honest, I just walked away plus went home for the night. When I returned to the cannabis dispensary the following afternoon the kittens were still there, plus I could ignore them no longer. I started telling the customers of the cannabis shop about the kittens around back, plus how they needed homes. I gave anyone who took a kitten home with them a $50 gift card for the cannabis dispensary… Before noon, all eight of the baby kittens had been adopted by various clients of the cannabis shop, here’s the best part – none of these people came inside to claim their cannabis shop gift card, they just took a kitten home to do the right thing. I care about my clients!

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