My GPS took me to the wrong location.

I called the marijuana dispensary & told them the GPS had taken me to the wrong house

I was making my first delivery as a marijuana delivery person… I was gleeful to get this job, & looking forward to meeting some cool people, my brother had been telling me how much he enjoyed being a marijuana delivery person, then when I got my license & turned twenty-one, I wanted to do the same thing, then he talked about the cool people he met, & how he got some great tips. I remembered him coming home late one evening, & telling me he was asked to come back to one condo when he was done working, they were having a pot celebration & invited him to the celebration. I wasn’t sure I would cherish going to a pot celebration after a long evening of driving, however I wasn’t my brother. I didn’t cherish the stink of pot, & I didn’t cherish how I felt when I tried it. I just wanted to make marijuana deliveries & make some fantastic money. When I finally got old enough to be a marijuana delivery driver, I was overly excited. I put the address in the GPS & set out to the house. I was driving for almost half an hour, when I realized I had driven too far. The address they provided me at the marijuana dispensary was only ten minutes from the dispensary. I had four other marijuana deliveries to make, & I was already half an hour late for the first one. I called the marijuana dispensary & told them the GPS had taken me to the wrong house. They helped me find my way back to the dispensary & provided me the right instruction, while telling me it happened sometimes.


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