Old woman finds local cannabis spot

When I moved to this area, I absolutely wasn’t even thinking about the fact that recreational marijuana was legal here. Where I move from plus had lived all of my adult life, there was medical marijuana but no recreational marijuana. I absolutely voted for medical marijuana as it just made sense to me. The same goes for recreational marijuana. I may be in my late 60’s but I understand logic. It isn’t logical that anyone of age can walk into a liquor store plus buy a truck load of booze if they wanted. But using a naturally occurring plant is off limits? What made even less sense is the notion that cannabis was somehow a gateway drug to heroin of something of that ilk. That’s never been the case as cannabis is no more of a gateway drug than beer. Still, I hadn’t ever used cannabis. In fact, I absolutely wasn’t all that fond of using any sort of substance. I would sporadically drink but that was rare… For me, I never wanted to be out of control. I thought that being in control at all time was the most important thing. For sure, it’s essential if you want to achieve what my pal and I call success in this country. But once I retired, I realized that all that control plus success never made me glad. This realization came hand in hand with walking into the local cannabis spot where I live now. I’ve pretty much given up control plus fighting for particular results these nights. Instead, I’m now understanding just how infinitely pleasurable it is to just be here plus let things happen. I find that using the sativa strains for sale at the cannabis dispensary helps me continue to find the courage to just be.



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