Paying my way through college with cannabis

Paying your own way through college used to be possible.

  • Today it is definitely not possible.

In order to earn a degree a person has to go into a lot of debt. Back then I managed to scrimp and save and work a few sideline jobs to pay for my tuition. It was not an easy life, but I managed to get my bachelor’s degree without incurring any student loan debt! Part of the reason I was able to do this was by doing cannabis deliveries for the local dispensary. Cars were not allowed on campus, so the fastest way to deliver cannabis to the students was on bicycle. I rode my bike everywhere already, so I was the perfect guy to wheel bags of cannabis to the dormitories and lecture halls. I made weed deliveries everywhere, often riding for hours on end. I preferred taking cannabis to the adult housing section, a place for faculty and staff members to live in townhouse apartments. This was a longer ride, but the older people always tipped way better than the college students. On the other hand, sometimes the students would offer me a gratuity of the cannabis I had just delivered to them. I always accept any tip offers to me, cash or cannabis, although I prefer cash. Not only did the cannabis delivery job pay well, it also kept me in amazing physical condition. BecauseI worked so much at night for the cannabis shop, I had no social life, and was able to put all my wages and tips towards my schooling.
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