Spending less money at the cannabis dispensary

When money is tight I have to streamline the budget wherever I can. Sometimes this means cutting back on steak and red meat and eating more noodles and rice. It can also mean driving the car less, and canceling some apps on my Firestick that I don’t use very often. Normally I buy beer, but when money is tight I switch over to cheap whiskey, because it lasts longer than a 12-pack for the same price. The hardest thing to cut back on is cannabis, because I smoke a lot of it, and find it hard to live without. Recently I have started making great strides to spending less at the cannabis dispensary, and here is what I have learned. For me cannabis isn’t just for getting high, it’s my main form of stress relief, and my primary source of relaxation. It’s difficult for me to relax and unwind without some cannabis on hand! But I still have to pay the rent and my other bills, which means that lately I have been bargain-shopping around town, and visiting all the local cannabis dispensaries for sales and deals. This means that I don’t always get the strains of cannabis that I prefer, and sometimes I don’t get flowers at all. I prefer smoking cannabis flower above all else, but when I have to save money I will switch over to edibles or gummies. Once I even bought a six pack of cannabis infused beer, but the less said about that the better. If you know of any good cannabis sales, hit me up in the comments.

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