The designated driver was smoking cannabis

I wanted to take the temperature of the room, so to speak, and get everyone’s opinion on a delicate subject.

Everyone has thoughts about having a Designated Driver. This is when a group of people go out to get drunk and destroyed, and one person needs to stay sober to act as a shepherd and a chauffeur. Even with Uber being readily available, my friends still like to have one sober person to watch over everyone. My question is this – can I be the Designated Driver and still smoke cannabis? I don’t mind taking the night off from booze, but what about cannabis? Personally I feel that cannabis doesn’t even really get me messed up, it just keeps me normal. Should the Designated Driver avoid anything like that? I know what the law says, which is that driving under the influence of cannabis is the same as driving drunk. I call BS on this, because I have driven drunk and driven while high on cannabis and one of them is much safer than the other. Most of the time I have cannabis in my system while I am driving. This is because I basically stay high all the time and smoke marijuana several times a day. If I have to stop drinking and smoking marijuana for the whole night, I would rather just pay for an Uber! This is an ongoing debate between my friends and I, because they think it should be easy to stop smoking cannabis for just one night. I can do it, but it won’t be any fun.

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