Trying to grow cannabis at home

Striking a balance between happiness and career is important.

Personally I feel that a happy home life is more important than making money at some job.

Without a job to pay the bills, it’s impossible to have a happy home life… unless you were born rich, or have a trust fund. I don’t have a trust fund, and I’ve never been rich, so I work as much as I need to in order to subsist and try to spend my free time pursuing my interests. I love to be artistic, including painting, drawing, and writing. I also love gardening, and growing cannabis plants in my garage. Botany has always been a hobby of mine since the summers of my youth, although back then I was not growing cannabis, just vegetables. Just to be clear, I don’t grow marijuana plants to sell weed, and I rarely even smoke the plants myself. Despite its reputation for being able to grow easily, I have found it remarkably difficult to grow high quality cannabis. Usually the marijuana I get from my plants is weak, full of seeds and stems, and doesn’t taste very good. Thankfully there is a mail-order cannabis dispensary that delivers to my house, so I don’t have to rely on the plants I grow. If I ever get rich the first thing I would do is quit my job and spend more time with my art and my cannabis plants. I have yet to produce a noteworthy crop of cannabis, but I will keep on trying until I get it right.


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