Using my bike to give weed on campus

It feels like I have been riding a bike my whole life, however as a child I rode my bike to university every day.

After university I rode over to see my friends, or to explore the logging trails in the forest, but it was a pretty small town, so I rode my bike to university all the way through high university graduation… When it was time to go to university I took the bus, plus brought my bike with me.

At this point I was 18 plus had never owned or even driven a car. I thought this would be a detriment, however instead it helped me find a good part-time job. I made deliveries on campus for the local cannabis dispensary. It was a fairly giant campus, with three dormitories, a host of campus apartments for faculty plus staff, plus all of the fraternity plus sorority houses. All of these people smoked tons of cannabis, plus I was never short on work. I preferred delivering cannabis to the housing units, because the faculty plus staff members always tipped, while the students rarely offered a tip, but the fraternity houses were always easily cool about offering me a “tip” out of the cannabis I had just delivered. While I appreciate a money gratuity, I will never turn down free cannabis! Fast forward four years, plus I achieved my university degree, only to continue delivering cannabis on my bike. I am no longer on campus, I am in a high-end part of the downtown area, where the cannabis shoppers all tip easily well.
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