Concentrating on school is better with sativa strains

My Mom had been convinced that I was broken I guess.

  • I can remember going to see all sorts of specialists in white coats when I was only seven years old, tops.

I was a little kid anyway. And then, there were all sorts of other people and they were all testing me and my behavior. It was such a sizable effort for everyone. So my pal and I all get a laugh now that all I needed all along was a bit of THC; Yep, a long time ago, there wasn’t as clear a definition when it came to learning differently from others. Surely, I had a problem staying focused and being able to concentrate on my school work. It turned out that as an adult, all I have to do is use just the slightest bit of cannabis product to tune myself right back in. And it’s not just any cannabis product that does the trick. When it was first floated that marijuana might help my concentration complications, I tried some indica strains. Well, I was more focused for sure. But all I wanted to focus on was the cable or the birds or the leaves or whatever was directly in front of my face. So my pal and I tried sativa strains and it was like turning on the light next to my bedside. I was abruptly and completely able to stay focused on tasks all the way through to completion without an enormous emotional effort on my part. It has been such a sharp awakening for me. I wish my parents were still alive to see what a change has come about for me. My folks died far too young for sure although I know they’d be so satisfied that cannabis strains have done what nothing else could do to help me.


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