Indicas make me feel very sleepy

I absolutely know when things started and I began to use marijuana and it was when somebody told me what sativa and indica were used for. The people I was with in addition to myself could not remember if this was a discussion that was talking about sativa’s being for sleep or being for awake. I would have had lots of things pointing to my head and still been unable to remember how the screen was. I knew that sativa was easily for the daytime plus I also knew that indicas made me feel very sleepy. I needed something that was going to be able to help out a great deal with my RLS which gets worse during the evening when I am attempting to sleep well. I did not want something that was going to make me feel too high. One of the pharmacists at the CBD counter told me about medical marijuana and assured me that it would help a great deal. The people I was with in addition to myself thought that restless leg syndrome could not be helped with a product like marijuana but we were absolutely wrong. It turned out that it was something that could help a great deal. I thought that it was necessary to get some type of sativa product, so I told the bartender at the dispensary that this was absolutely the most important thing to me. I wasn’t about to give someone a hard time over something that was not having to do with me especially when it wasn’t really that important.



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