Insurance should cover doctor prescribed marijuana

The prices are so steep and so high that insurance would make it almost affordable

I honestly believe many doctors should recommend marijuana and that it should be a drug covered by our insurance companies. The people I was with in addition to myself have excellent health coverage in addition to cover for prescriptions. My doctor prescribed medical marijuana and I instantly thought that I was going to be able to use my insurance provider to pay some of those costs. My doctor believed I was going to get much better results using medical marijuana and then some of the OTC medications. I got a card from the medical marijuana treatment center and then I talked to someone about medical insurance coverage premiums. I thought I would pay a higher premium for medications and I believe this would be the same case with marijuana. I believed it would be simple and a higher copay but I did not simply think there was not going to be marijuana insurance at all. It is actually something that all of us think about in the beginning when we find out that we can use medical marijuana. The prices are so steep and so high that insurance would make it almost affordable. Insurance companies are how I was remembered by the government which means that medical marijuana is still illegal. There are lots of people that still get into trouble for using medical marijuana even though it has been legalized. I signed a government petition that has about a million signatures and this is petitioning insurance companies to now include medical marijuana as a scheduled drug on the information and insurance.

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