It was interesting to see the different strains

My friends and I live in the midwest, where medical marijuana has only been legal for a couple of years.

Most of the people that I know still believe that marijuana is a gateway drug.

They do not read the statistics or the medical terms. They think that all of that information is false. I have never been to a real marijuana shop, but I entirely wanted to visit one when my coworkers and I went to a convention in a state on the west coast. The state has legal recreational and medical marijuana laws and you only need a valid state ID to enter the building. The state ID doesn’t even have to be from the same state where the recreational marijuana shop is located as long as it is valid and up-to-date. It was entirely interesting and strange to go to a real marijuana shop. I was entirely surprised by the selection. There were a number of products available and everything was out in the open for people to see. There were several marijuana strains that I could smell and view. It was interesting to see the difference between each one of the indica, sativa, and hybrid marijuana strains. I never told any of my coworkers that I went to a marijuana shop while we were at the convention. I did not want to risk losing my job when I did not even smoke marijuana. I went home and I told all of my friends and they were entirely interested in hearing more about my cool adventure.

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