Medical marijuana makes such a huge difference

I’m surely singing out of the other side of my mouth these days when it comes to the subject of cannabis.

After a life of putting down those who used cannabis as weak, I found myself finding a solid solution with cannabis use, however that seems quite apt somehow given all of the things in life that turn out to be completely unlike what my pal and I conceptualize… But experience will always win the afternoon & that was really the case for me and Ed when it comes to medical marijuana.

I’m sort of ashamed of my behavior during the period that medical marijuana was being debated in this state. I even berated a woman who came to my door to give actual data & factual info about medical marijuana. That’s how totally ignorant I was when it came to the unquestionably real benefits that can come from taking sativa, indica & hybrid strains; Fortunately, the more balanced & informed vote won that afternoon & medical marijuana was legalized. I remember being disgusted by the result & ranted about how this was the end of our state; Of course, let me once again state for the record that I was indeed acting like a complete idiot about cannabis products. I was also in denial & the pain that came from a situation with my joints. I’d gotten several opinions however no doc could clearly state the reason for my chronic inflammatory condition, so I was going the pain meds route; Well, that ran me right into the ground to the point that I was willing to try almost anything else. That’s when medical marijuana literally & completely changed my whole life.

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