Medical marijuana saved my marriage.

For years, my partner had been suffering from depression, then it wasn’t just the depression that was driving me nuts, and he would talk to himself plus other people when he was the only one in the room.

He would have real conversations plus I thought he was schizophrenic.

I wasn’t afraid of him, however he was driving himself crazy. He wasn’t pleased with life anymore. I was afraid he would try to do something drastic. I called his healthcare worker plus told him how he was getting, plus he set up an appointment with a neurologist. It was he who told us to try medical marijuana! My partner hated driving now, plus he said he would not go to the marijuana dispensary. If he had to use the stuff, they would need to supply it just like the pharmacy delivers his medication. I thanked him for his honesty, but told him he would need to go just once, but they would set up marijuana delivery services for us, on our first visit to the marijuana dispensary. I got my caretaker’s ID card so I could go with him, however within two months, my partner was feeling better, thanks to the medical marijuana. My buddy and I had proper marijuana delivery services come to the house, plus he was able to locale his order online. He still talks to himself, but so does everyone once in a while. If everyone I knew who talked to themselves needed medical marijuana, they would have a marijuana dispensary in every town. The thing about that is no one would have a need for marijuana delivery services plus someone would lose their task.
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