Medical products are my own business

When I get medical marijuana, I don’t usually tell many people at all.

In fact when I first got my card, I kept things to myself.

I heard about family members and also some friends that wanted me to share in addition to the fact that I did not want everyone to be able to get marijuana legally from me. I didn’t even want to lose my medical marijuana I don’t want to lose my friends either. Right back and take them home but this time I went to the marijuana dispensary and as soon as my hubby and I got back, I found out that he was hungry. He wanted some lunch and so I put the tote down on the bar to make the ice and breakfast. I did not really expect anyone that afternoon so it wasn’t a big deal to leave the tote of marijuana sitting out. I have a name that is clearly on the bag and inside of the bag is arthritis creams and edibles. One of my friends and his wife came over for an impromptu visit and didn’t suppose me. He began to open up the bag and I told him that he would have to take the tote out of my hands. Everyone was miserable and I grabbed everyone’s arm and said that they weren’t going to be in our home anymore unless they can follow all of the rules. Medical products are my own business and no one else needs to know what I am and are not doing to my body.