My current buddy smells a great deal like marijuana which isn’t nice

I was wonderful pals with the lady who lived in the apartment underneath mine.

My buddy and I both have a balcony as well as my pal and I used to talk to each other about the plants as well as our dogs all of the time.

Sometimes I would go to her apartment as well as the two of us would play a few games. My buddy and I had a tremendous amount of fun talking about the nice outdated days. My buddy and I discussed all of the locations in the neighborhood that used to be something different. She had so much wealth as well as knowledge about our city. I thought I knew a fair amount about the location, however this lady is a historical encyclopedia of sorts. She worked in the government office for twenty years before retiring to live at the plaza. The lady had to go to the hospital a couple of months ago as well as then she went to live with her sibling. The family came to disinfect the apartment as well as a week later someone else moved into the location. I was easily hoping to have another nice pal like the older lady that lived in the apartment previously. Of course, my current buddy is a 20-year-old child who works for a marijuana delivery service. The person is always smelling like marijuana as well as he smokes weed out on the balcony way too often. The smell of marijuana comes from the balcony as well as rises up to my apartment. I think the smell of marijuana is hurting my plants. They used to be lovely, as well as now they are drooping as well as brown. My guy said it is the current fertilizer, however I am completely convinced that the buddy smoking marijuana outside is killing off my flowers.

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