My grandmother is really nuts sometimes

My grandmother contacted me and wanted to tell me that she needed a ride to the dispensary.

My grandmother needed medical marijuana and someone to drive her because she is not in the best of shape. Since I had to labor that day, I was unable to take my grandma. My mother had a doctor’s appointment in the same area and provided to take her when she got back to the house. My grandmother did not want to be out during the time when it was dark and it drove her crazy. My sibling texted while I was in labor and said Grandmother was driving the Jazzy to the marijuana shop. Grandmother was coming out of the medical marijuana dispensary on the Jazzy chair and she looked happy as could be. She was seemingly perfectly safe to ride eight or nine blocks to the dispensary as long as she was in her chair. The chair was absolutely safe. She did not want anyone to worry. Even though she was 80 years old in addition to taking care of herself, it was safe and out of sight for her to go out with the medical marijuana stop on this attractive day. I knew my mom was aggravated, but my grandmother was just trying to be more autonomous. She patted my head like she did when I was little plus whispered that this was not her very first time ever being away from a chaperone and we should treat her like she is 80 years old and not like a small child.

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