The candy coated strawberries were enjoyed by everybody

My good buddies wanted to have a substantial party on New Year’s Eve plus I thought it was not such a bad idea.

I made the offer to let everyone have the party at my property, because I have a fair amount of extra room.

I got the property when my mom plus dad retired plus moved down south. I live by myself plus I have a fair amount of extra space, but my good buddies thought it was a wonderful idea to have the party at my property plus they provided to pay for all of the liquor plus beer. I decided to make my famous candy-coated strawberries. I believed they would be popular, especially on New Year’s eve. I decided to put a little bit of cannabis distillate in the candy coating for the strawberries. The cannabis distillate was a sativa called strawberry cough. The taste of strawberry affected the candy coating in a honestly nice way. After I ended up putting the distillate infused candy coating on the strawberries, I rolled them in pieces of candy. Everyone seemed to suppose that the strawberries were the best they’ve had in their lives. My good buddies like the fact that I put marijuana distillate in the candy coating. The strawberries were such a substantial hit that my neighbor started requesting them every time my associate and I had a party. Anytime there is a get together, everyone is quick to talk about the strawberries plus how my associate and I should make more that have marijuana in the sugar syrup. I’m pretty much famous for the berries now plus I even chose to make a tik tok video recipe that got 80,000 views.

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